Aida Camp Popular Committee 


The Popular Committee for Services, The Popular Committee for Services was established in 1995 after the Oslo Agreement, with the camps feeling that the refugee issue was being transferred to the final solution stage. Returning to the Department of Refugee Affairs, where the department became an umbrella for the popular committees, so there are 24 committees in the West Bank, comprising 19 camps, recognized by the International Relief Agency and the other unrecognized because it was formed after 1948, and in Gaza there are eight committees in eight camps, the popular committees work in The political aspects related to the right of return for Palestinian refugees in accordance with Resolution 194 issued by the United Nations, as well as work on


Providing services worthy of the camp residents with regard to institutions and infrastructure, where the camp residents have the right to a decent life and to improve the conditions of life and infrastructure.


After the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000 and after a series of Israeli invasions of the West Bank areas “the Palestinian governorates” cities, villages, camps” and the areas of the Gaza Strip “cities, villages and camps” there was a heavy burden on the popular committees, as the committees became required to confront the effects of the Israeli aggression and the destruction of homes Streets, walls and institutions.


Committee members

1- Mr. Saeed Al-Azza – Chairman of the Popular Committee


2- Mr. Mohammad Abu Srour – Vice President of the Popular Committee


3- Mrs. Najah Akhil – Treasurer


4- Mrs. Shatha Al-Azza – Public Relations


5- Mr. Mohammad Abu Srour – Projects Committee


6- Mr. Muhamed Daamsa – Media Committee


7- Mrs. Mona Al-Masaeed – The Women’s Committee


8- Mrs. Jihad Abu Odeh – Social Committee


9- Mr. Muhammad Abu Akar – Secretary


10- Mrs. Azhar Abu Suroor – Educational Committee