Popular Committee Projects

projects and programs

Activities and projects carried out by the People’s Committee for Services in Aida camp from 1996 to date:


  1. Renovation of the Aida Youth Social Center after it reopened after the closure that lasted more than ten years.
  2. Establishment of a rehabilitation center for the disabled through the Canadian Development Fund.
  3. Rehabilitation and asphalt of the camp’s large streets of more than 2000 square meters.
  4. After the Israeli invasion of the camp in 2000, a large number of homes were renovated through the Italian government through the UNDP.
  5. After the invasion of the camp in 2002 and the entry of houses from house to house, all houses were restored through a second project from the Italian government and through the UNDP.
  6. The restoration of a large number of walls and fences through two projects of the Municipal Fund through the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government.
  7. Restoration of a number of homes through a project by the Belgian government through the Badil Foundation for Citizenship and Refugee Rights in Bethlehem.
  8. Rehabilitation of streets and some walls, linking all homes to the sewage project, and restoring part of a cemetery through special projects to employ workers through the UNRWA in nine stages.
  9. erecting a retaining wall for the Aida Youth Center.
  10. Providing services such as restoration and painting, cutting plaster walls, plaster, tiles and bricks for each of the refugee center, the pioneer center, the hope of the future center, the Baraem Al-Mustaqbal Kindergarten, the Union of Charitable Societies Kindergarten, and Aida Mosque.
  11. Plastering works for the walls of the girls’ school and the boys’ school with paint.
  12. Making iron gates and balustrades for Rachel’s tomb (Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque).
  13. Building walls of stone for the tomb of Bilal bin Rabah (Rachel’s Dome).
  14. Afforestation of the main streets and the cemetery with forest trees.
  15. Execution of a street 600 m long and 10 m wide with all its infrastructure and asphalting, after closing the main street leading to Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque (Rachel’s Dome) Jacir Intercontinental Hotel Street.
  16. Construction of retaining walls over a kilometer in length around the main camp streets.
  17. Contribute to the removal of solid waste and siltation around the camp and at its main entrances.
  18. Contribute to providing aid to schools “computers, photocopiers, faxes, stationery, drawing tools, colors and paints.
  19. Contributing to the removal of the remnants of the destruction of blew up houses and providing new construction for its owners through the UNRWA and building walls and fences around it for the neighbors. Three housing units were completely destroyed on the grounds that their sons were martyrs, and belonged to (Munir Ja’ara, Muhammad Abu Odeh, Abdul Rahman Jundia).
  20. The completion of the construction of a two-storey headquarters for the Pioneers Center for Culture and Theater through funding from the F.W German Development Fund through the UNDP Foundation and through Oxfam Belgium through the Badil Foundation and the implementation of the People’s Committee.
  21. Restoration of a number of hidden houses at the expense of the People’s Committee.
  22. Building stone walls through the Syrian Donations Project through the Palestinian Ministry of Labor (work for food).
  23. Providing job opportunities for a number of unemployed workers through the UNRWA, the office of the Ministry of Labor and the governorate.
  24. Repaving the main street in the center of the camp by completely restoring the infrastructure, including water lines, sewers for the network, and the neighboring houses, and rehabilitating the street with a layer of bascurs and the required levels with an area of ​​1650 square meters.
  25. In reception of the economic conference, the restoration of the camp’s entrances (with asphalt, paint, sidewalks and decoration).
  26. Due to the absence of a headquarters for the People’s Committee and a public hall, the Committee recently purchased a housing unit in the camp for 33,000 US dollars to build a headquarters and a public hall and is looking for funding to complete this project.
  27. Contributing to the restoration and construction of a refugee center for children, where an initial financial support of (10) ten thousand shekels was provided, as well as the restoration of the sidewalks leading to the center at a financial cost of (4000) four thousand shekels.
  28. Restoration of the mosque (Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque in the camp) by providing materials for the infrastructure and providing it with all electricity requirements 3 won at a total cost of more than (27) twenty-seven thousand shekels.
  29. Restoration of the house of the blind Hassan Elayan, who was exposed to a fire that destroyed the entire house, at a total cost of (22) twenty-two thousand shekels.
  30. Restoration of part of the water network with a total value of (30) thirty thousand shekels, in cooperation with the UNRWA and the Bethlehem Water and Sewage Authority.
  31. Contributing to the restoration of the UNRWA Beit Jala Mixed School, at a total cost of NIS (5) five thousand.
  32. Assisting in building and equipping the Pioneers Association for Culture and Arts.
  33. Contributing to honoring the top students in the camp’s schools with an estimated prize of more than (16) sixteen thousand shekels. The committee’s contribution was at the value of (4) four thousand shekels.
  34. Contribution to underprivileged families through (providing building materials, medicines, a cemetery, and foodstuffs) with a financial value exceeding (10) ten thousand shekels.
  35. Construction of graves for cases of extreme hardship and Ma’azir, at a cost of (3) three thousand US dollars.
  36. Restoration of the water network, planting trees and preparing benches for the tomb of Bilal bin Rabah, at a cost of (3500) three thousand five hundred shekels.
  37. The logistical and technical contribution and support to install the construction of the second floor of Baraem Al-Mustaqbal Kindergarten, funded by the Arab Fund for Development.
  38. Assistance in completing the lease agreement for Beit Jala mixed school (camp school) and helping to overcome obstacles to build additional classrooms through funding from the Sheikh Zayed Foundation and building a school unit that accommodates the group the evening school, which in turn canceled the evening school by transferring the girls’ school to the boys’ school, and the boys’ school to the girls’ school.
  39. The rainwater drainage project caused by the apartheid wall, with a length of 500 m.
  40. The project to restore and rehabilitate Al-Bandak Street, which was affected by the apartheid wall, with a length of about 800 meters along the wall.
  41. Helping build and equip a new refugee center.
  42. Building a headquarters for the People’s Committee and a general hall for the camp’s residents.
  43. Building additional classrooms in schools.
  44. Re-asphalting about 6000 m2 of streets.
  45. Building a theater and an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and public events.
  46. Lighting the camp streets, restoring part of the electricity network, and transforming the network into a ground network.
  47. Providing scientific equipment and auxiliary tools for school laboratories including (computers, drawing and photocopying machines, scientific laboratory equipment, stationery, help books).
  48. Purchasing a plot of land for future development (building classrooms, children’s playground, public garden…etc).
  49. Renovation and rehabilitation of the water network and part of the sewage network.
  50. Assistance in equipping a home for the disabled.
  51. Assistance in preparing a women’s center.